How to Explain – Aka Ms Account Settings Minecraft PS4 [Complete Guide 2022]


Are you having trouble with Aka Ms Account Settings Minecraft PS4 then you are at the right place to know the ways to fix it as in this blog we are going to let you know how you can get rid of this issue? 

 Minecraft is one of the best-known video games and there are many people who play this game worldwide and the youth prefer playing this game on platforms like Nintendo, Xbox live, Nintendo switch, etc. 

 It is important to alter the aka MS Account settings so that the youngsters who access this site game do not come across any inappropriate adult content while they are enjoying their time playing their favorite game on their device. These aka account settings are an efficient way which is used to protect the kids from using some unwanted material or inappropriate content. 

So, let us begin to know how you can fix your Aka MS Account Privacy Settings for this the users need to follow the steps which have been given for the users in this blog. 

Steps to Fix the Settings of AKA MS Error – 


  • Begin with opening the Xbox settings by typing the URL in the search bar, 

  • Now, the users need to provide users with their email, phone number, or skype to sign in to their account and once they do this they need to press the next button. 

  • In this step, the users are supposed to select the option of child account profile from the drop-down menu on the screen. 

  • Now, in this blog, the users need to click on the Xbox-one/windows 10 online option and then allow the option of joining the multiplayer games tab. 

  • In this step the users are now supposed to press on the option of you may create and join a club. 

  • To permit chat for the users who are not on their friend list the users need to go to the privacy menu and then select the options others can communicate button. 

  • Once you follow all these steps with the care you will be able to fix the error with aka ms which you are facing and dealing with. 


If you are looking for more reliable information and knowledge about aka ms then you are supposed to visit website which the users can use to get all the details you are looking for. If you want you can also share this information with the people who need them so that they can get benefit from using this information.