5 Ways to Fix the “Attachment Failed” Error on Gmail

Gmail has always been witnessed to be the best Email exchange platform worldwide but it too goes through some flaws and errors. Recently such an error was seen in Gmail by its users. Users have complained that they can’t attach files in Gmail and there constantly receiving error notifications like “Attachment Failed”.

Well, it is no new problem attaching files in Gmail; it is a general issue that keeps popping then and now due to many reasons, such as

  • Some kinds of files are blocked by Gmail due to security reasons, if your file comes under this category, it will show an error in attaching.

  • The unsupportive browser also leads to Gmail attachments not working.

Here are some methods to fix the “Attachment Failed” error on Gmail

  1. Stop all the antivirus or firewall running along to your device while sending emails. You can restart it once you have sent the mail

  2. Clear Cache and cookies of Gmail as well as Browser as they help to reload the page in refresh form

  3. Update your Gmail with the latest version as outdated ones sometimes don’t support some of the features

  4. Restart your phone or device again as it could be the simplest and useful method to fix the problem of attaching files in Gmail.

  5. Choose a suitable browser such as google chrome or safari.


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