Detailed Solutions for Common Verizon Login Problems

It is fact nobody could deny that almost every online platform has technical glitches be it any platform, Verizon mail is one such platform. There have been complaints from the users that they are facing problems while going for the Verizon email login and we are here to fix your problems. In this blog we will be looking at some ways to get rid of these issues. 

Ways to fix the login issues of the Verizon mail – 

  1. Entering Correct Information 

The users might face problems of email login because they could be entering wrong or incorrect login credentials because of which they are not able to login; so make sure to fill up the correct details while login. 

  1. Password Forgotten or Account Hacked 

Another reason for troubles with Verizon email account could be this and to solve it the best way is to reset the password so that you won’t face problems later on. 

  1. Settings of the Verizon email are wrong 

Incoming mail server (POP)

  • Server – 

  • Port – 995 

  • Requires SSL – yes

Outgoing mail server (SMTP) 

  • Server – 

  • Port – 465 or 587

  • Requires SSL – yes 

  • Requires TLS – yes 9 (only if available)

  • Requires authentication – yes