Facebook not Working on iPhone Today? – 7 Fixes


Facebook is one of the largest online platforms used by people to connect with each other, their friends and family. The platform is used by the users to share their life moments. The iPhone users are recently facing problems in loading the Facebook app, there have been many complaints like Facebook app not responding on iPhone. We will provide you some fixes that you can try to fix your problem. 

  1. Adjust DNS settings – Users are advised to disable the VPN and adjust the settings of DNS.

  2. Outdated Version of App – If you are using an outdated version of the app then it might be the reason for the Facebook app not responding

  3. Try Rebooting the Device – Users should reboot their device to remove the bugs and other issues. 

  4. Restart Facebook – If your app is not responding, delete, close it and restart it again. 

  5. Internet Connection – If the internet connection of your device is not stable then you will face problems like Facebook not working on iPhone

  6. Refresh Facebook – Users should try to refresh Facebook to fix these problems. 

  7. Browser Issues – Errors in browsers can also be a reason for these issues so, update the browser you are using. 

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