How To Fix NVIDIA Control Panel Not Showing On Windows 10?


Recently, there have been complaints from the users that after installing the windows 10 update, ‘NVIDIA Control Panel not showing’ in their windows 10.   This NVIDIA control panel helps to work on the graphics on your system. So when users find this is not in their device, they will get annoyed and irritated.

So let’s find Some Ways to fix these issues. 

Reasons for the error in NVIDIA Control Panel Windows10:

  • You would have recently installed your windows update. 

  • When you overclock the GPU, it might affect the features of the NVIDIA control panel. 

  • Also, when you use old, corrupted or any outdated graphics driver on your system, this might be the reason.


Fix the error by following the methods given below:

Method 1

Step 1:

Press windows + S and search the control panel and select it. 


Step 2:

Now, click on the NVIDIA control panel, in the tab click desktop and select the ‘add desktop context menu’.  


Step 3:

Right click anywhere on the screen to check if NVIDIA is visible or not.


Method 2:

Step 1:

Press windows + X and click on the device manager. 


Step 2:

From the device manager, click on the display adapters. 


Step 3:

Right click on the NVIDIA and then select update driver


Step 4:

Click on the search automatically for updated driver software.


Step 5:

Windows will search for the latest version of NVIDIA and install it on your device. 



Download NVIDIA Control Panel by reading the reviews  and ratings. 

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