How to Fix Outlook Not Working in Windows 10

Outlook not opening in Windows 10? What does that mean? Does your Windows operating system not know how to load Outlook and is making errors as a result? Luckily, the good news is that this error is caused by a common problem and can be fixed quite easily if you're willing to take the steps.

Solutions to Fix Outlook not Working in Windows 10

Outlook not opening in Windows 10? So, what's happening here? Outlook not opening in Windows 10? Well, this error is often caused by a problem in the "registry" database of your system. The registry is a central storage facility for your PC which keeps all your settings and options safe and secure... but is also one of the main causes of errors on Windows systems.

The registry is used constantly by your computer, especially to tell it how to handle different programs on your computer. When you install or remove programs from your system, there are many files that are left behind in the registry that no longer work. These are known as "registry errors". They corrupt and damage the files inside your computer and cause a wide range of errors including the Outlook not opening error.

To fix Outlook not Working in Windows 10, you need to be able to repair the errors that are causing the error in the first place. The first step is to use a "registry cleaner" software program to look through the registry of your computer and remove any of the damaged or corrupted files that are in there. There are a lot of these programs available, but we found that a program called Regcure is the best one for repairing Outlook errors. This program is normally free to download (and also has a free scan to let you see if there are any damaged files); and it's designed to be very easy to use. It will scan your computer, and then show you the errors that are causing your problem.

The first thing you should do after you've identified the registry errors is to backup your registry. This step is quite obvious - but is a very important one. You don't want to lose any of your files if you're going to fix Outlook not working in Windows 10, because it's a big risk. It would be extremely frustrating if something like this happened and you had to start from the beginning, lose all your data, and start again. If you can back up your registry before you try any registry cleaning software, you'll be fine.

Bottom Line

When you have identified the registry errors, you need to be able to clean them with the registry cleaning tool that you downloaded, and then use the step-by-step instructions to fix Outlook not working in Windows 10. Use the tools to clean out the junk and errors that are causing the problem. Make sure that your Internet browser is open, because you will be wiping it clean, as well. After you have done that, your computer should be working fine.