How to fix Windows 10 Sleep Mode Issues?

We all know, that when we are not using our PC it is best to put it to sleep to save its energy and then if you want to continue with your work you can start it without wasting any power. But sometimes you can forget to put your PC to sleep then there is a feature which puts the PC to sleep automatically. Many users are complaining that their Windows 10 won’t sleep automatically. We will advice the users to check the settings of the sleep mode. For this, go through the steps given below.

Steps to Fix Windows 10 Sleep Mode Issues

To check the settings of the sleep mode you are first supposed to go to the Settings option to see Windows 10 sleeping mode not working.  

  1. In the settings option, navigate for System settings and then in the System tab look for the Power & sleep option and click on it.

  2. If you will look carefully on the screen you will find Additional power settings, you have to select it. 

  3. If your Computer won’t go to sleep go to the option which says “Choose when to turn off the display” on the windows that will appear next. 

  4. In the right side, just click on Put the computer to sleep automatically.