Why is AOL Mail Not Working On An iPhone?


One of the services that are rendered by Verizon communication is the AOL. It usually provides most of the web services most importantly it also renders email services. 

So like gmail or any other email services, users add AOl Email to iPhone or iPads or android or it may be any other device. So what usually complaints can be heard is that “AOL is not working on my iPhone”. Let’s check out a few solutions to fix those errors. 

Solution 1:

Only if you have a stable internet connection; you can use AOL without any hurdles. So if you feel like you have an internet issue, switch on your airplane mode and switch off it then use it. 

Do not use this method regularly, it will tend to lose its efficacy. Try using it when you really need it. It can fix a lot of your network problems. This step is similar to that of restarting your device. 


Solution 2

You can also have a look at your AOL server status, to know whether the server of AOL is down using downdetector.com


Solution 3: 

If you are using AOL mail App, kindly try reinstalling it. For that first you have to uninstall the app and then go to your app store to install it. 


Following these simple solutions can help you to AOL Mail setup for iPhone.